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Article written by Riya Thakur

Veritaseum’s beta 2 of its Bitcoin wallet, the UltraCoin wallet, is now available for download. It trades the derivative value of BTC and all major crypto currencies, all major forex pairs and individual currencies and over 75,000 tickers of stocks, bonds, commodities, indices, options and futures via smart contracts and optional micro-payment contracts – all on peer to peer basis with zero trust, counterparty and credit risk free basis.

Bitcoin Trading

According to David Zimbeck peer to peer and open source software is perhaps one of the most important fields in computer science and one of the tools of freedom. Veritaseum provides various modes of trading like selling or buying of Bitcoins. A certified company that offers best services related to Bitcoins. Just claim to our Bitcoin application now and make your trading more easily.

New to the wallet is the ability to time entry into and exit from the smart contracts (ex. have the contract activate only at market open or end at market close), cancel them at a pre-conceived date and time after earnings announcements, adjust collateral (think manipulate your own margin requirements) and track any transaction made.

We recently pitched this to one of the world’s largest money center banks and they claimed this was, by far, the best and most advanced Bitcoin app they have every come across.

Peer to peer lending sites to useful source of financing for small businesses and managing transaction as well as issuing money is carried out collected by the network.

By analogy, imagine that he proposed a regulatory scheme known as “Packet License”, wherein anyone routing IP packets that arrived at or passed through devices located in or belonging to residents of New York had to acquire a Packet License, which (in small part) involved fingerprinting everyone employed by the owner of the device, or any affiliate of that owner. In retrospect, we would laugh at its absurdity, and likely recoil in horror imagining the economic Armageddon such a regulation would cause.

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UltraCoin provides, with full transparency, universal access to any publicly traded financial instrument, on any exchange, at a fraction of the cost of bulge bracket and even many deep discount brokers.

Our patent-pending (we are confident that we’re the first to file, meaning the rest of the Street must come in behind us) products provide access to over 75,000 tickers in all major asset classes from exchanges and courses from around the world in an innumerable combination of pairs and combinations – not merely just the traditional, binary, long and short. This is not an idea, or mere concept, or whitepaper.

Exchange Bitcoins into dollars or any other currency. Veritaseum is the most reputable and secure intermediate for buying or selling Bitcoins. We are the leading Bitcoin company in USA and we will help our customers for safely exchanging Bitcoins. Ultra Coin is the secure and the fastest medium for exchanging Bitcoins. Veritaseum is one of the leading US based company offers modern techniques of cryptocurrencies exchange.

David Zimbeck is the developer of BitHalo and BlackHalo Trading techniques solely derived for the convenience of trader user of cryptocurrencies. For more about him visit at:


Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin

Article written by Riya Thakur

“Cryptocurrency is going to be the currency of the future.” David Zimbeck. Why? Since the present monetary system is broken since it depends on fiat money, which is a type of currency that relies heavily on financial obligation to make it through. Currencies that depend on financial obligation to survive don’t last long, since to create more money they require more debt. Ultimately the debt will certainly outgrow control and the entire monetary structure will break down. When this happens, numerous of the traditional currencies will lose a lot of their value since they have more debt than value.


This kind of digital token that depends on cryptography for chaining together digital signatures of token transfers, peer to peer networking and decentralization. In some cases a proof of work scheme is used to create and handle the currency.

Cryptocurrency requirements can probably be carried out completely within the minds of a group of people, Cryptocurrencies are certainly not based upon digital currencies and i am yet to find or hear any argument which might verify that Cryptocurrencys cannot exist without digital signal processing which is all that is implied by the term digital.

In many means cryptocurrency and online gaming is a marital relationship made in heaven. These cryptocurrencies peer to peer digital currencies which utilize cutting egde cryptography rather than a central issue and service provider to protect the network and guarantee that coins cannot be spent two times seem perfectly suited to driving an in game economy, including players making in video game purchases in addition to trading in between gamers themselves. They even have the capacity to add novel ways for game developers to make a revenue and for video game players to in fact make money from playing a game if they are good at it.

When it comes to cryptocurrency, among the most significant headaches is the quantity of your computer’s energy supporting the network can consume. Individuals who support the network are rewarded for their work– which is known as mining– by arbitrarily acquiring currency as their computer systems successfully process transactions. This can be a really lucrative business, but it is likewise very expensive– individuals who mine Bitcoin and other top cryptocurrencies invest thousands of dollars in computers developed specifically for mining– and are not energy effective.

David Zimbeck told me that the ideal currency would be peer to peer like Bitcoin and that it would also have the ability to control its own supply. This idea of control of supply is not new. As many economists are aware of this method in fiat markets either by hyper inflation or market pegs. However David continued saying that a pegged currency would eliminate volatility completely. This would evolve cryptocurrency away from the “Penny Stock” style market into one based purely popularity, not price. Since in this case, trade volume would be all that matters since the price could be fixed even on the exchanges by limiting the supply to match the demand. David also said that the lightning network was an interesting proposal and sidechains would be an efficient way to not bloat the main blockchain while maintaining decentralization.