Benefit from Upcoming BitHalo/BlackHalo Update

Article written by Riya Thakur

One of the more interesting stories to keep your eye on in the world of cryptocurrency and altcoins these days is the future development of the BitBay project. While most, if not nearly all of the work is being done by David Zimbeck. Let’s see what the most recent post is all about!

One of the things being worked on by  right now is ensuring the release of both Linux and Macintosh BitBay distributables. No official ETA has been provided as of this writing, but they should be ready for release relatively soon.

David Zimbeck on the other hand, is working on a huge update for BitHalo and BlackHalo. As Halo has also been integrated into the BitBay project, this means it will affect BAY as well. This update will be released within a few weeks, and we will keep an eye out for further information regarding this update.

The coding the decentralized markets rest completely on the shoulders of David Zimbeck as well. Given the huge size of such an undertaking, it will take a fair bit of time until the markets have been completed. Unless some additional developers get added to the tea, that is, assuming they can work at a proper speed.

Speaking of extra developers, if you know Assembly, C++, and Python and have at least 10 years of experience, you are more than welcome to apply for the job. Do keep in mind you will most likely end up working under a Halo contract, to avoid procrastination or providing fake credentials.

BitBay community members have also enquired about the potential development of coin pegging. However, very few people seem to realize this means a protocol change is required, new mining rules come into play. Regardless of all of that, David ensured the community pegging is coming to BitBay, but will take time to fully develop.

Last but not least, there is the topic about marketing. As there is no finished product, there is basically nothing to throw marketing at. David Zimbeck is considering some sort of bounty system, which will be organized on Trello at some point.

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